You ever have those days where you really just wanted to stay home and curl up on the couch?!?!


The children started out really quiet today! We got through calendar and our individual photo day. We had quiet time and finished the math sheet from Thursday. I have two little girls who don’t seem to understand the concepts of before and after. I need to come up with a way to practice this idea. We also finished up our rights and responsibilities work.

My problems at work today came from the staff. We have problems at our school and generally within our district, I’m not trying to deny that, however, they are problems that I can’t do anything about so I would prefer not to rehash them every lunch and recess time. All it seems to do is bring me down. I’m not sure how to solve this problem though as I can’t avoid the staffroom- I want my cup of tea at recess and don’t really want to eat my lunch with my students, so I’m left not knowing what to do:(


I got out of school quite quickly today and went right out for a run. I wanted to do a little more than my 3.3km minimum and actually managed 4.05km by going around the park. The amazing thing was that I was fast! For me🤣. I can’t run after school every day, but hopefully on occasion I can if it makes me that fast:)


I got the best news today! I had looked online for anyone who sold the yarn I am quickly running out of on the Not a Boring Sweater knit but even Ancient Arts who made it doesn’t seem to carry it anymore. I decided to email them my dad plight just in case and today I heard that they had found one skein left over in the back of their stockroom. The woman said she had never had someone reply so quickly (I called with my payment info before she had even opened the email saying I wanted it)! At least now I can make the sleeves as called for and don’t have to worry. It relieved a lot of stress!


I made a bread pudding out of my hot dog buns instead of making myself eat them, but I’m thinking they may have managed to ruin bread pudding too:(

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Meh Monday

  1. That was a dilemma with me when I worked on site … if I wanted to read my book at lunch, one of the attorneys would come around looking for a warm body attached to a keyboard to do something that absolutely couldn’t wait until his secretary returned from lunch – if you went to the lunchroom it was the same old-same old nonsense being discussed.

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