I woke up this morning with a painful right eye and it got progressively more sore all day. I finally got into the shower and let the water run over it. I’m hoping that between the shower and a good night’s sleep it will go away!!!


Ugh my students just don’t seem to be improving. It makes it tough to keep going when you don’t see any results from your efforts. Maybe tomorrow there will be a glimmer.

Today we wrote a journal and I have to admit they worked well and most got a good amount done. Of course there are still those ones who think that one sentence is enough. I got a couple of children to the point where they could do a bit of editing and we had time to read a couple of them. I only had to make one little girl reread because we couldn’t hear her at all. It’s a good thing I have to write this because t made me realize the day started better than I thought.

Math after recess wasn’t bad either as we started subtraction today and just did hands on practice with manipulatives. I was supposed to be counting back on the number line, but they were engaged so we kept on with what we were doing. I wish there were more of me as it wasn’t until nearing the end that I got around to one little girl and realized she was still trying to add:(

I got three children’s reading assessed during the quiet time and silent reading and we got a lesson on lacrosse. I tried to do a lesson on a new reading strategy- trying a different vowel sound- but they just couldn’t sit still.

They weren’t great listeners during lacrosse either which was super embarrassing since we had the captain of Vancouver’s professional lacrosse team in to do a lesson. It was great and included the history of lacrosse too. The guy was great and you could totally tell he has kids himself.

I also had a talk with my kids about the fact that while they might do something well, there is always room for improvement. So many of my students want to be perfect the first time or think they are perfect the first time. I have a colleague who calls it the result of the confetti generation and I can certainly see that.


After writing four report cards I headed home to finish up my test knit. I have finished and love the end result. I have sent an email to see if I can share about it, so you’ll know when I know:)


I knew it would be super easy to wimp out of working out today so I arranged to have Lyndsay text me later to make sure I had.

I did a simple Hallmark workout again, but tried to get a few new moves in. I did a minute of jogging while lifting or holding 8lb weights between each of these moves:

Burpees, froggers, squats, plié squats, push ups, dips, upright rows, around the world lunges, bicycle crunches, Russian twists, pullovers, Bridges, twisted mountain climbers, military press, bicep curls, front raises, crunches, reverse crunches, plank.

I’m glad I did it, but was much happier once I was in the shower!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Another Pain?!

  1. Kids always get harder during the transition to spring. It’s hitting my classroom too!

    I’ve been terrible with the workouts lately. I’ve got myself a treadmill because I know from past experience, I’m more likely to jumpstart my exercising if I have one available 😆

    1. Usually I feel like January to March is good learning time then after spring break they go off the rails. Oh well, I don’t think this class ever got on the rails!
      Oh a treadmill would be wonderful. I had one years ago and loved it! Enjoy:)

  2. My brothers both played/play lacrosse so I know a lot about the sport. That’s really cool you had a professional come in to talk to the kids! It was probably good he has kids as well so he understands that sometimes they just can’t listen/sit still.

    I hope your eye is feeling better! If you haven’t tried this yet, take a wash cloth with warm to slightly hot water and make it a hot compress for your eye. Just lay down with it on the eye that hurts and hold it there for a couple minutes.

    1. My nephew has also been playing lacrosse for a few years so I feel like I’m learning about the game:)
      Yup I’ve been doing the hot compress.

      1. It’s a fun game since it’s constantly happening unlike other sports haha.
        Ah okay! Just wanted to suggest it 🙂 Hopefully it’s getting better

  3. Good advice to put a warm compress on your eye. I hope you don’t have conjunctivitis. I see children who don’t like to write as well. Sometimes it’s painful teaching good writing!

  4. My experience with parents of our students is that they praise EVERYTHING. The kids don’t know how to deal with low grades because the parents call up and demand it be changed. UGH!

    1. Yup exactly! I wish parents would say something more like- that’s a good first try- and I can’t wait to see what you done time or with some practice.

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