How did Monday get here again so quickly?


We had calendar and music this morning. We read The Party by Barbara Reid- the pictures are so cool- and discussed when our birthdays were. I was impressed that there was only one little girl who truly had no idea where her birthday was.

We tackled a journal entry where students could write about anything, but if they were stuck the prompt was, I can…

Last year I heard repeatedly how low this one little girl was, but today I was super impressed with her writing. She wrote, “ I picked apples at the farm and did a maze with my family. I had fun, so much fun”. That impressed me for a six year old!

This afternoon we watched a YouTube reading of Terry Fox and Me. I am so glad someone finally wrote a book about Terry Fox that is appropriate for Primary. We talked about prosthetics and who the kids would be running for. All but one girl got them done so I’ll take a picture when I get them posted tomorrow.

At the end of the day we went outside to play. It isn’t so nice now that my teaching buddy and I aren’t together:(. One little girl had to go for EAL testing during this time and both she and her mom were super upset as they thought she was going to miss outside play every time. Try explaining this when there is a language barrier. It was a great game of charades, I suppose.


Last week I didn’t get any of my chores done and I was worried that my new chore schedule would collapse, but today I came home and got my floors done quick before I had dinner.


I did the 35 minute Full Body Strength and HIIT workout from NourishMoveLove. It was definitely a challenge and I was dripping sweat by the end so I will call it a success.

Well I’m going to enjoy my book as tomorrow is a busy day!

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “Monday Again?

    1. I love that and it’s also why I don’t have pre existing expectations when I get students. It used to drive me nuts when teachers just expected me to be like my brothers

      1. Out of the three of us, I would say I was the bad one. I hung out with the punks. My grades were excellent and I was a good student, but I loved the anti-establishment. Too funny,

  1. I love when children who are perceived as struggling learners kick into their groove and prove everyone wrong! Sounds like your school life is starting to smooth out a bit, yes, this year will never be smooth, but smoother is still better than nothing.

    I need to rework my cleaning schedule as now with everyone home all day I need to rethink when and what I’m going to do each day. You’ve got me motivated to get started on this again and free up the weekends

    1. Yup it will hopefully get into a rhythm and ive just heard that my last student should be joining us Monday. It’s a little annoying that he’s missed all the routines, but hopefully he’ll pick them up quickly!
      I am loving having my weekends free and if someone says they’re stopping by all I need to worry about is my laundry and the kitchen

  2. A new teacher can make so much difference for a student. I have a middle schooler that I have worked with for just over a year. She has excellent pitch, but has some physical and developmental challenges (mostly physical, the brain part is more a very different wiring system, not intelligence). She wanted to be in band, but the teacher treated her very badly and said she would never play well! She is doing just fine with piano; if she’s slow it’s because she doesn’t always practice consistently!

  3. AJ, I laughed when you said one didn’t know their birth date! You and those floors ! My gram loved to keep the house very very clean. I’m thrilled when the cleaning is done! I have to do MY floors tomorrow! Flax soap mmmmmm

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