My day was quite rushed at times, but really was lovely!


I forgot to check last night whether my Sunday run alarm was on. Thankfully I woke up only seven minutes late, but it was a rush to get out the door in time!  We ran Coquitlam River trail. Only two of us were running and the rest wanted us to get it done so they could get to coffee. I wanted to run all the way around so we set off at a pretty good pace (for me).  Forgetting to bring extra shoes and socks when running during a rainfall warning is not a good thing! I became one of those people I usually chuckle at- the ones who carefully run around puddles. I usually run straight down my side of the path and take mud and water as my badge of a run well done, but alas, not today. I tried to stay dry but it just wasn’t possible! One thing both my running buddy and I noticed was that we had to watch a lot more carefully as the leaves were good at hiding roots and rocks. Thankfully only two near misses and no catastrophes:). We did the whole loop in thirty five minutes which is unheard of for me and we were back before the walkers! I think my phone lost its signal as it says we were doing a 7:27 at the start and we most definitely were going faster than that! I am proud of this run because I was running fast for me and though I wanted to slow down, I didn’t and kept pushing myself:) It might have had something to do with the fact Dennis waited for me regularly and I didn’t want to hold him up. It was sweet of him to keep me in sight as this is a trail I don’t like to run alone!

I haven’t liked having to say repeatedly that I didn’t get any other workouts in so tonight I made sure I did! I warmed up and then did a tabata workout of: mountain climbers/push-ups, skaters/squats, high knees/ jumping jacks, burpees/flutter kicks. It was short but intense and I felt great!!!


After a quick tea with my running buddies I drive by my parent’s place. I had perfect timing! Just as I was starting up the stairs I heard their voices in the foyer. I helped my mom distribute everything my dad had piled in the doorway of the trailer and then got one last hug from both of them before they set off on their next adventure:)


I grabbed some groceries and finished up the tea food. I made open face cream cheese and cucumber on rye ( gluten free- Canton Bakehouse makes a good one) sandwiches. I got the cake writing done and I got scones made. This is the Recipe I made and they turned out fabulous! I used the cup 4 cup flour I used yesterday and they came out looking amazing. I had one when they were warm out of the oven and it was amazing ( truthfully better than when they were cold later on).  It only took about ten minutes to whip them up too so I was super happy! I’ll try a few more recipes with this new flour, but it might become my new regular flour. I just have to find a cheaper buying option!  My friends seemed to enjoy the spread and thankfully they kept most of the leftovers!

I’m sure the other visitor at tea would have enjoyed some too, but he had his own feast!

We told my friend she needs to get a mini heat lamp so they can get warm and dry!🤣

One thing I learned at the tea is that the fifth member of our junior high group was in town two weeks ago. Three of the girls got together but nobody bothered to let Em and I know:(. I have the feeling I know who organized this and I think it just gives me permission to stop trying. I had texted her about today’s meetup which she declined due to a family commitment, but I really think I’m done!

I also made the Oh She Glows Chocolate Hazelnut Torte tonight just because I already had the cashews soaking. I’ve made this recipe before and it’s always a hit:). You can find the Recipe on this blog. I’ll try to grab a picture of it tomorrow at the luncheon. I had planned this and a tiramisu but nobody at work really seems to appreciate my baking so I bought them lemon loaf and a caramel cake. They are only getting the torte because I had to use the soaked cashews. I don’t think it got very smooth though so it might not even taste good:(

Knitting/ Reading:

I’ve been having a lovely evening sitting here listening to Jane Eyre on Librivox and knitting on my toque. I thought I’d finish so I could show you, but it won’t happen tonight, so maybe tomorrow:)

I hope you all had a great Sunday!

Have fun!


30 thoughts on “Intense but Rewarding

  1. You always do so well running! I’m glad you could get another workout in as well. Sad to see you parents leaving again but they’ll be back soon!
    I’m sorry you have someone brushing you off. It’s rude and passive aggressive the way she’s doing it! Have a great week off!

    1. Thank you. I’m happy with my physical activity today:)
      Yup figured out they should be home in about 100 days!
      Ugh it just makes me sad!
      No week off for me, I’m busy working and am staying late to write report cards all week🙁

  2. Love the concept of extra pair of shoes…great Sunday story of yours. Except for running for me it was great Sunday…swim class for kids, their annual eye test, groceries – still I manage 2 miles of walk, 10 minutes of yoga, push-ups, and planks. Weather is getting slightly warmer on Monday and plan to do 5K.

  3. Way to go on your run! Running with others can be really helpful with making you pick up the pace. What a pretty spread for tea. I’m going to look at that scone recipe for sure 🙂

  4. A great day for you all around! I had a short walk with Max then off to church! My only other exercise was schlepping the bells and tables for our first practice…they are heavy, but probably not heavy enough to really count! My excuse, I spent nearly 7 hours on the piano both Friday and Saturday and my back is tired! Who would have thought?!

    1. That sounds like a good day though! Take care of your back:) I think having a sore back or sore feet is the worst! I’m just miserable then!

  5. I was thinking of you this morning as I mixed and baked chocolate and beetroot brownies. I was wondering how well it would turn out using freefrom gluten and dairy. I think the alternative flour would be fine but not sure about butter substitute as the recipe calls for quite a lot although I did reduce the quantity.

    1. Lol:)
      It is definitely worth a try- the best scone result I’ve had that’s dairy free and gluten free. I’ll be happy interested to hear how t works for you:)

    1. The scone recipe is definitely worth a look!
      The birds were so cute but we felt so bad for them because they were so drenched!!!
      Haha great minds think alike:)

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