It was a day that once again didn’t go according to plan!


The full moon is definitely affecting my students! I have one in particular that I have had enough of today!

We got another class book made on big problems versus small problems. I think I’m going to appreciate this lesson as now when children come to tell me something, I simply ask if it’s a big problem or a small problem? They can all tell me what big and small problems are but want to rattle about everything!

My class also seems to want to keep adding to their wonder board! We asked them this time what they wondered about Christmas and the holidays. This is what they have so far!

I’m afraid to think how far down the hall they will get by Christmas!

We did some counting by 5s and a self assessment on skip counting. It was interesting to see what the kids thought- though not very reliable at age 6🤣

I got another three report cards written after school. It’s super frustrating right now as we have a new report card and a new principal. As I’m writing these reports, I’m wondering if they’re going to be rejected? Tough to write without guidelines:(


Today was L Bootcamp and as usual it was deadly! I think I’m going to hurt in good places tomorrow though:). We did lunges with military press, banded adductors, pushups, froggers , dips, pop jacks, banded arm lifts, plank punches, side plank rotation, side plank hip dips, banded lateral steps, banded plank toe taps, decline mountain climbers, v ups, and skaters.

As I write this I realize there were a lot of thigh exercises which is a good thing. Decline mountain climbers were my least favourite as I felt like I was going to fall on my face!


I had just gotten home, into my jammies and settled in front of the fireplace with my tea (knit night was cancelled earlier today) when my co teacher called to ask me to run back up to school to put away a confidential student file she had accidentally left out. Lol best laid plans.


I have started the next book in the Return of the Blackwell Brother’s series.

Though I see I also have an ARC for November 30th so I may have to interrupt my current read.


As I’m knitting on my poncho (and ignoring the mistake I’ve made), I’m watching Midnight Masquerade. I’ve watched this movie before, but am still enjoying it:)


Ok my blogging question for today is that I dealt with my spam the other day and there were several tags in there, but now I can’t find them:( Does anyone know where I will locate these?

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Does Anyone Know?

  1. I’m not sure how to solve the SPAM problem – not sure I’ve had the “tag” problem before. I like the list of questions … my favorite was “why do only good girls and boys get gifts?” (Someone is worried how they will far … must’ve been bad this year.)

  2. That list the kids are asking is the coolest!! Neat to see what they think about!🎄
    That’s awesome you’re working on a poncho….how’s it going so far?
    My suggestion about the spam is to use the Support part of the app and email WordPress themselves. They’ve been insanely helpful any time I’ve needed anything!!

    1. Oh that’s a good idea! Thanks Abbey!’I had to change to something else again as I didn’t have enough for a poncho either. It’s going to be a bag and a cowl

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