I was sort of grumpy today and I’m not sure why. It wasn’t helped by being on the go continuously🙄


We rearranged the day to fit the important things we missed yesterday into today. We read more of Mr. Popper’s Penguins. We almost finished our penguin research books. We had a lion dance presentation. We wrote about the lion dance and then we went outside to build snowmen. It was neat to see the children work together to solve their problems (the balls were so big they were too heavy to lift).

Among all of this I was on supervision this morning, had to run Como Lake relay practice at lunch and then had boot camp after school. I think my bladder may have gotten the best workout of all!🤣


I hit L’s boot camp after school even though my body was feeling kind of tired already from the double walk to school this morning (lost my yak trax and had to go back to find them). We did: tricep extensions/ slider hamstring curls, double crunch with dumbbell, burpees/ stairs, banded lateral iso squat walk/ squat jumps, sumo squat to frogger/ pushups, banded iso squat front walk/ scaptions, single arm press with hollow hold/ , bicep curls/v-ups.

It felt like a good workout and I definitely felt the banded iso squat walk and jump squats the most!

I got home from school and made myself some pho and then headed out for a run with Sarah. We yet again did my familiar sidewalk, but it’s the only thing clear around here right now. It was a decent run and I felt better afterwards.


My co teacher gave me a ride home today as I had told her I had two frames the size she was looking for. Unfortunately when I picked one up, I didn’t realize the frame was broken in many places so the glass slipped out and shattered all over my floor. Of course part went into my bathroom where I am mainly in bare feet. Does anyone know a foolproof way of getting rid of all those tiny specks of glass? There will definitely be slippers at all times for a while for me!


I got so many books today and of course, none of them are the Bookclub book for this month:(. I have started on Believe in Me by Ella Quinn and am quite enjoying it.

Well I think I’ve earned my bed now!

Have fun!


28 thoughts on “Do, Do, Do

    1. Get into a squat with the band just under your knees and then walk across the room while staying in a squat. Doesn’t seem to matter how many times I do it, I always feel it!

  1. One way you can make sure you get all of the glass is to use the sucky attachment for the vacuum and just really concentrate on the floor. I’ve also hear a wet paper towel can work for it.

    1. Thanks Maureen! I’ll try the wet paper towel when I get home from work tonight. I swept right away but still feel like there could be tiny shards.

  2. I was going to say a wet paper towel or clorox wipe type sheet. sorry your work day was crazy, but at least you didn’t have to go in when there were no kids and work for free!

  3. Something damp – not a mop – will stick the glass up. Get a spongy thing or something you can throw in the bin (so not a towel). Oddly, I have been doing this this evening!!

      1. Bummer for that location. I was thinking I remembered using one of those adhesive lint rollers, but that was because I have braided rugs in the kitchen and it bounced on the countertop, then on the floor and pieces flew onto the braided rug.

  4. Tape is always good for cleaning up glass. Or, especially if you’re not sure where it is, taking a slice of bread and wiping it over the area is a good bet… take it from someone who is clumsy and no longer has nice wine glasses :-p

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