I wanted to call the post A First because I did something today I’ve never done before, but I’m going to attach the bread recipe I used today and I need to be able to find it🤣


I had avocados in the fridge and desperately needed bread to spread it on, so I got busy this morning and got the dishes done and the bread machine going. I used this Recipe. It turned out I didn’t have any milk so I made up some soy milk powder and used that. Amazingly this bread still tasted delicious and was relatively light for a gf bread machine loaf. There is nothing like a slice of bread still warm from the oven!!


I was supposed to do a 10km run this morning but it has been cold and drizzly all day and I just didn’t want to trudge through that for ten kilometres! I’m hoping for some dry weather before the end of the month so I can still fulfill my monthly goal.

I did do a Lyndsay workout this evening though. It was actually the only time I got out of my jammies all day, something I have never done before as I was raised that if you were up, you were dressed. I have been nice and warm and cosy all day so I may have to do this again!

However, back to exercise. Here is the workout I did:

It did its job as I was hot and sweaty by the end.


I have been knitting on my sweater all day and thought I would have it to show you, but unfortunately I’m not done the sleeves yet. By weight I think I should be doing the ribbing, but to the eye there is still a lot of yarn left and I want my sleeves as long as possible. I think I’m going to get a second pair of DPNs and start on the other sleeve so I can just work on both at the same time and knit them as long as possible. Hopefully tomorrow there will be a reveal!


I have watched a lot of movies today as I was knitting away! I have watched Finding Santa, The Christmas Cure, Midnight Masquerade, Eat, Play, Love and The Perfect Bride. I am now onto The Christmas Ornament. I really think I should get a job with Hallmark as I have definite opinions about their movies now 🤣

Well, I’m off to set up my other sleeve and finish my movie as I have an early run in the morning.

Have fun!


33 thoughts on “Bread Recipe

  1. I think it’s fun to not get dressed one day. I wish I could do that. My son always needs to go somewhere so I have a few more years to wait to be able to do that. Lol
    I can’t wait to see your sweater and that’s great on the bread and exercise. You get me off my arse some days! 😀

  2. Crappy weather for a run in the worst! I’ll run in a light drizzle but I can’t do a heavy downpour.
    Fresh baked bread is the best!! I’m so glad you found a good gf recipe to make.

    1. Ya I just knew it was going to be a slog. I weighed the options and decided I was okay if I didn’t get a ten k done in January.
      It wasn’t actually supposed to be gf but the recipe converted quite nicely:). I can’t make bread too often as I just eat it for every meal then.
      I was going to ask you, as you make bowls for dinner, if you had a good bowl recipe that includes avocado

      1. I think that’s a good decision. You’ll just have to run it in February.
        That’s awesome! I’ll make bread and then freeze whatever we don’t eat after a day or two.
        Hm well I don’t really follow recipes for the bowls I make to be honest AJ! Avocados aren’t something I eat a ton since I never seem to pick good ones. But I do love them. I would make a burrito bowl if I was you! Some chicken or ground beef (if you eat those) with taco seasoning, rice, beans, dairy free cheese, salsa and avocado sounds yummy! Sometimes I just throw a bunch of stuff into a bowl. I bet you could try one with roasted potatoes and some other veggies or rice as well.

      2. Oh that’s a good idea to put the bread in the freezer as I keep eating it!!🤣
        The burrito bowl sounds good! I think I’ll try that tomorrow:)

      3. It saves so much! We can never eat a whole loaf before it would go bad so putting it in the freezer helps. I’ll just heat it up a bit before we eat it later on.
        Let me know what you think!

  3. I’ll have to try out that bread recipe. I LOVE making fresh bread!! I love leaving it to bake in the bread maker overnight so you wake up to the whole house smelling of fresh bread in the morning. And I feel like we’re weirdly connected somehow was I JUST watched ‘the perfect bride’ yesterday!! .. Weird. Lol!

    1. Oh i never thought of doing it overnight, that would’ve been perfect!
      Wow that is a weird coincidence. I might spend all of today watching more movies as I try to get my sleeves done!

  4. I call them Pajama Days! When I am pretty worn out from being extremely busy… I let my guy know that I plan on having a Pajama Day! When I taught early childhood… We had a special day called Pajama Day… we wore pajamas. read the book Pajama Day and made a craft of a person wearing pajamas.

    Glad your bread turned out delish! I have dinner rolls rising right now.

    1. Lol we have pyjama day the day after our Christmas concert. I’ll have to remember to read pyjama day that day!
      Oh isn’t making bread the best! I bet your house smells good right now!

  5. My mum used to do the “once you’re up, you’re up” routine, too. Maddening! My parents slept with the bedroom door open, and their bedroom door was right next to the only bathroom in the house. If one of us got up to “make a puddle” she’d hear and haul herself out of bed, no matter what the hour. “And as long as you’re up, you might as well get your sister.” It’s no wonder my dad spent most of his Saturdays at church, “working on a sermon”. Life at home with three sleep-deprived women was NOT much fun.

      1. It wasn’t – for any of the four of us. And she was still that way after my dad died and she moved into a retirement center. I’d go over for lunch and she’d be almost falling asleep at the table because she woke up at 4 AM – and stayed up!

      2. Lol my parents got up early for work my entire childhood so it has taken me a long time to move from getting up at 5am! Now that they’re retired, they sleep in!

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