It’s been quite the day! Yesterday I said to a parent that my life was nice and calm, I guess I jinxed myself.

I got to sleep in this morning as it was a Professional Development Day (and before everyone complains that teachers get too many of these, let me say, I’d rather have less and be in the classroom with my students!), and I knew we were going later as Lyndsay was driving and had to drop her son off first. It felt great to sleep until I naturally woke up! I was also happy I had arranged to go with Lyndsay as it started snowing around 8am and hasn’t quit yet!

I had quite the surprise when I was flossing and suddenly my tooth was in the sink. Talk about disconcerting! I scooped it up, popped it in a snack bag and called the dentist. I had five dental surgeries last year and one thing that’s good for is that I heard back from the dentist almost immediately. They fit me in for 12:45.

Before that however I had to go to my workshops. I do not sit still and listen well! I went to a workshop on dyslexia because it runs in my family and I often suspect some of my students of having it, not that we’ll ever get confirmation of that in grade one where I live:(. I had high hopes for the workshop, but it ended up just being a movie about dyslexia that featured a whole ton of people who are wealthy and can pay for every resource. I didn’t come away with any new knowledge or any new strategies to help my students:(. Definitely one of the reasons I’d like less of these days as this is unfortunately, quite normal:(

The good part of ProD days is seeing all the teachers I’ve worked with. After sixteen years in the district, even a shy teacher knows a lot of people. Every five steps you stop to catch up:)

I then headed to the dentist. My regular dentist left a couple of years ago to have babies, so I’ve been seeing whoever is available. The dentist on call very kindly cemented my tooth back in, but not without setting me up to come in for a consultation with the dentist who arranged all my surgeries last year. My Marilyn bridge had failed and she warned that it will probably fail again. I’ve been told no hard food or sticky food until my appointment in May and she didn’t say it out loud, but after all my experience at the dentist in my life (I have my mother’s teeth), I can hear a conversation about implants coming:(. I’m trying my best not to think or worry about this until May! I’ll just look at the bright side that no hard or sticky foods along with my dairy and gluten allergies has put me on quite the diet for the next three months!


I ran home, well actually trudged through snow a third of the way up my leg, after the dentist, changed, stopped and paid my utility bill and then met up with Lyndsay for a workout. It turned out to be very short as she got called in to her second job to cover for someone so I also did this kickboxing Rabat’s routine tonight.

A few things about this workout. First it calls to do each two times so I reversed the exercises the second time so that what I did to one leg/arm, I did to the other. Secondly, I changed the final tabato jabs, crosses, hooks and upper cuts with ducks as I didn’t really see the point of all her multidirectional jabs.


I’m on the heel flap of my first sock. This is a top down sock which I have never done before.


Late last night I finished A Rogue of Her Own by Grace Burrowes which I had gotten through NetGalley.

I received a free electronic copy of this book from the publisher for an honest review.

This book tells the story of the last Wyndham cousin, Charlotte and the upstart she marries, Lucas Sherbourne. The marriage comes quickly and the novel explores the beginning of their marriage.

The start of this novel reminded me in a very positive manner of Julia Quinn’s writing. I was laughing out loud at the heroine’s antics and at the interaction between Charlotte and Lucas. I also enjoyed the storylines surrounding the peripheral friendships and family. Lucas is a loner, so these developing friendships are super important to his success in marriage. Most of the interactions were quite humorous and contributed to the HEA. The characters were easy to like and want to see succeed. I was super invested in them quite quickly. Finally, I liked the realism that a new marriage is portrayed with. It’s not all roses and rainbows, living with someone takes compromise and a lot of learning about that person and yourself and Grace Burrowes does a great job of portraying this.

The only complaint I had with this book is that I would have liked the Julia Quinn lightness and humor to have continued a bit more through the book.

Anyone who enjoys historical fiction would enjoy this book. It’s an excellent addition to the Wyndham series and I am going to miss that family.

I have now started on my next school book club book which I need to be done by Monday!


As much as I enjoy trying new restaurants and cafes, I also firmly believe that better can usually be made at home. Tonight I indulged in one of my favourite pastimes- sitting by the fire with my knitting, a book and a homemade chai latte. I love chai lattes but so dislike how expensive they are at a coffee shop! I’ve found an easy recipe that I enjoy every time!

I put two cups of water with a tea bag in a pot and bring it to a boil. I then add about a teaspoon each of cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. I also add a cup of almond milk at this point. Bring it back to a boil. Remove the tea bag and the spice ball, add sugar to taste and enjoy!

The recipe, I based this on, can be found here:

The only change I make is to use 2 tbsp of sugar only.

And let me know if you try it:). I have to admit I don’t even have to look at it anymore!

I, of course had just bought apples, carrots and celery which I will now be roasting to make them soft. I need to eat my food all ready this weekend so I get back on the eating right track, but if anyone has suggestions of soft food, please let me know:)

I guess I had better go back to reading!

Have fun!


53 thoughts on “Not Again!

  1. I have to go to the dentist Wednesday to have a crown replaced. I feel your pain:(
    Do you like soup? Pinterest has lots of interesting recipes. I usually search for Whole 30 soups to find the ones that have real ingredients.

    1. After my five dental surgeries of last year where I was limited to only clear liquids, read apple juice, white grape juice and broth, I’m not sure how long I’ll survive on soup. I will take a look though. Thank you for the suggestion! Why do you look for whole 30 ones?

      1. They’ll have no dairy (I avoid cheese) and contain no processed foods. I don’t mind boxed broth but don’t want recipes that use things like Rice A Roni as an ingredient.

      2. For sure! Hopefully this time I’ll be allowed to put stuff in the soup, that would really improve the situation!

    1. You have the snow too then?? It’s calling for it to snow all night too so I can’t even imagine what it’s going to look like by morning!

      1. Yeah, we have the snow too unfortunately, but definitely not near as bad as you! I left work early today as, being from Arizona, I can’t drive in the snow, lol.

  2. Honestly, I always had bad teeth. So when I found a good dentist that agreed with how I felt and gave me a really good deal, I got dentures. I am so happy with them! My friend got implants and was told that they may fall out in 10-20 years and they will have to be redone.
    I’m glad you got to relax. That class sounds awful. I love your snow picture!

    1. I’ve had false teeth and my gums really hate them:(. It wasn’t a good mix- that’s why I had to go with implants:(
      It wasn’t informative enough:)
      Thanks! It’s the tree outside my place:)

    1. Thanks. I already have two implants so what’s two more?
      My grandma, Dad, brother and niece are all dyslexic so I already knew quite a bit, but wanted some good strategies!

  3. That’s bad news with the tooth and omg, five surgeries so far! :-/ I lost my front tooth when my cousin threw a cork ball straight at my face. I was 9. At that time, there were no good dentists around and the one that fixed a crown did a sloppy job. Never knew about it until years later when I got an infection. Went through 3 dentists in my life and none could figure out the reason behind the infection. Finally, I got introduced to a new dentist in town all thanks to cycling. He quickly identified the issue, but by then infection had spread a bit too deep in my upper gum. Two surgeries later and after a bone graft, I am now waiting to get my implant done. I am so thankful to this guy because living with tooth pain is the worst that can happen to anyone. Good luck with your tooth.

    Love that first photo! That tree is so beautiful.

    1. Oh that’s awful! I’m glad it’s getting fixed!
      An infection in my lower gym is how it all started last year. It’s a super long story so I won’t bore you, but it just kind of snowballed:(

  4. I’m so sorry about your teeth issues. I have the worst teeth. My grandparents would feed me chocolate every day and 7up with dinner for a few years without my mother’s consent. I had my first filling when I was ten. I’ve had to extract 3 molars and I’m on my way to the 4th. I get cavities very easily and my teeth break like they’re made of glass. Such a pain. I’ve been avoiding it but I know I’ll have to spend a huge amount of money on dental work 😔

    1. Oh that’s horrible! I’m starting on my second year of super expensive dental work, I guess:(. Good luck! I hope it goes better than you expect!

    1. It was unsettling but I’m sure it will all come out okay in the end:)’I prefer homemade do it’s a good thing I like to bake and cook🤣

  5. That stinks about the tooth! Going to the dentist is never fun 😦

    Looks like a fun, challenging tabata kickboxing warm up : )

    Definitely going to have to try that Chai recipe!!

    For a soft food suggestion, you could always saute some veggies, then just throw it in the blender along with water or broth.

    1. I so dislike the dentist, always have, always will!
      The tabata was ok but I’m glad I have some e patience with e revising, otherwise my left side wouldn’t have gotten much work!
      The chai is awesome and doesn’t take that long:)
      Veggies for roasting are on my grocery list for today:)

      1. I hate going to the dentist too!!!

        Good revision, essential to have balance : )

        Nice! The snow is starting to fall here (for about the next 12 hours at least) so it’s feeling like a good day for roasting veggies and/or soup!

      2. Good! Snow started falling pretty nicely on the drive over, then it was kind of a windy sleet, but not cold enough to bother too much. The snow was like quicksand though! The kind where you can’t get good footing and you sink down an inch, then slip a little each step. Good balance practice though : )

      3. Wow you’re a trooper to persevere with that kind of footing!! Did you manage to talk someone into going with you? I got an evening snow walk with a friend tonight:)

      4. Yuppers, it was a slippery affair! I’ve extended invites before, but all my friends are slackers when it comes to taking hikes! But that’s okay because I prefer the peace and quiet, (plus it seems to enhance the possibility of seeing an owl : )

      5. I keep asking friends and they tell me to call them in the summer🤣.
        Oh you’re lucky to see owls. I’ve only seen one and it was diving at me- note to self, don’t wear a ponytail on the trail!

  6. Not the best day for you!😝 My mom had horrible teeth and finally had them all pulled and got false teeth, but that was back in the early 70’s when there were many options. I have always been thankful I got my dad’s teeth. I’ll think about soft foods and send you any ideas I think of.

  7. apple sauce and carrot soup? how annoying that you have to wait until May to get it fixed that will be hard to go that long without eating hard foods. Hope you figure out lots of food choices and soon.

  8. Oi! Five surgeries? Yikes. And you don’t have my perio issues. I’ve had about six and am waiting to hear from the perio who I should email as I haven’t heard back from them.

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