It was a pretty great day right from the start to the end:)


My day started with being busy getting the special helper calendar and printing books ready for both grade 1/2 classes. My co teacher is home ill and she was worrying about these two things so I got them done so she could quit thinking of them and start getting better!

When I went to pick up the children at the door, one of my grade one boys gave me these:)

It was such a lovely start to my day!!!

We wrote out Fall bucket lists today. I have to say thank you to Mildlygranola as her Fall passport post was a great example for my students. I’ll have to take some photos to share with you as they came up with some good ideas:)

This one is mine:)

This afternoon we wrote out what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the Fall. All but one group did really well. The fifth group was too busy poking each other to get anything done!🙄😖

As we were heading out the door to play this afternoon we saw the principal showing a student and parent around. This usually means we are getting a new student. One of my little boys turns to me and says, ” don’t worry Miss B, they aren’t our problem cause our class is full.” 🤣🤪🤣🤪

We did get a new fridge today, but we were all super disappointed that it didn’t come in a box:(


I’ve had a berry kale shake, a hard boiled egg, southwest chicken salad, larabar and seafood marinara today to eat. Can you tell I am a creature of habit when it comes to food? Actually I just get full so quickly that one dish lasts me all week!


I heard the best noise at 11:15am, my mom’s text alert- they had landed at home! I was super happy they were home and arranged to meet them for dinner. I did end up picking them up and we headed to a local pasta house- Pasta Polo. I like this restaurant because it is nice and quiet. You can actually have a conversation with people!!!! It also has a good selection of food without having a novel for a menu. There are starters, salads, pizza, pasta and dessert. Thankfully they also offer gluten free pasta and pizza base so I have some choice:). I forgot to take a picture of my seafood marinara

But here it is from a different trip to this restaurant in March. Talk about creature of habit! I should really try something new!

Actually I did try one new thing tonight- a lavender lemon drop martini. Not really my thing, but neat to try:)


I am yet again back to my quest to use up stash yarn. I have started a bowl of my own creation. We’ll see how it goes. I wish I could stay up knitting, but I should go to bed so I’m patient again tomorrow. See how long I can keep this “good day” streak up?

Have fun!


56 thoughts on “They’re Home

  1. Hooray for good days! Have you read “George, don’t do that” by Joyce Grenfell. It’s her monologues in the persona of a primary school teacher and I think you’d get a kick out of it. This sentence, “All but one group did really well. The fifth group was too busy poking each other to get anything done!” made me think of it!

  2. Oh wow! Best start of the day!

    If you like Italian food, we once went to this place in Vancouver called Poor Italian ristorante. It’s a bit pricey, but the mussels were to die for.
    Also you can taste their stuff is actually freshly made.

  3. The flowers are gorgeous! What a nice surprise to start your day!

    I don’t know if I would like the flavor combination of lavender and lemon but I will admit that the color of the martini is really fun.

    1. I wanted to try it as the waitress said it was their sweetest drink, but I’m not sure I’m big on eating/drinking lavender, though I love touching and smelling it!

      1. It really is. I have it on my deck right now but wondering if I should be bringing it inside. I’ll have to read up

  4. Bucket lists are great for getting all sorts of things done! It’s a great lesson for your students.
    I’m one of those people who eats the same things too:) My family just doesn’t understand when I tell them that I eat the same things because they’re really good.

    1. Yes I felt like I got way more done this summer because I had the list. It’s also a good excuse to get the children writing.
      I just don’t want food to be exciting as then I eat it

  5. sounds like a good day to me. getting flowers always perks up the day. big kudos to that family. Can’t wait to hear what was on your students bucket lists. I wonder how many will try to do the items they listed

  6. Glad you parents got home safely. That’s looks like a fun bucket list … I’ve never picked apples before nor gone to an apple orchard. I would like to go to a pumpkin patch this Fall, or a place that has a lot of pumpkins – maybe a cider mill that sells pumpkins. I’ll make that a bucket list item (hopefully) for me.

      1. I know we have a few around here and they are fun for taking pictures too. Especially the ones that have hayrides as well. That is on my list for Fall … we have one near me, about 20 miles away and I have seen it just driving by … a sea of pumpkins waiting to buy or take photos with them and you can pick your own pumpkins too. It is finally light enough to go out and only 45 degrees! (7C) Need gloves and knit headband this a.m. – back to the 80s next week!

      2. Yes we have a couple around me that I’m hoping to get to, or at least they are within an hours drive. Now I just have to find someone to go with me!
        We’ve had beautiful weather here this week:)

      3. Too bad we live so far apart!! I hate going places alone as well, but am getting better at going. Most of the time. My issue is more not wanting to go in the crummy weather, like snow. I won’t go out somewhere if I think it is going to snow and I’ll get stuck in it. The day of my grandmother’s funeral, we left the church and it was February 1st and my mom could not go to the cemetery as there was snow and she had difficulty walking on snow and ice and lumpy and bumpy surfaces, plus the ground was too cold to finish the funeral. We started for home, having packed the suitcases in the car, etc. We hit snow about 1/2 hour from Toronto – a blizzard! It took us 8 hours to get home instead of the usual 4 – I was a nervous wreck. Anyway, in the Winter if it is going to be crummy or snowy, I don’t go out – I need to live somewhere that it never snows. 🙂

      4. Lol I don’t like driving in snow much either as I got caught in a blizzard going to university. It was on top of a mountain (literally)!

      5. Oh, that is handy – I would not do this then. That is why I am so late tonight. I went shopping twice – two different trips and got in a ton of pantry items. The grocery bags are lined up along the hall and in the den and the living room … it will take a while to put stuff on shelves and find a place for them – not done yet, still have some more stuff and then I’m done. It was “shop til you drop” … didn’t get done til mid-afternoon by the time I got the stuff in, car away, etc. I was going to do one load tomorrow, but it is going to rain twice tomorrow – morning and afternoon.

      6. They just started doing that and it is $99/year but if you’ve never used it before (like me) $49/year. I was tempted as I knew exactly what I wanted and how much as I usually do the same thing every year. They had a lot of sales though and I just did it myself – good thing with all that rain. From now on, I’ll just go after walking on the weekend, having gotten a lot of it in, or if my boss goes on vacation again and I can be a little later in the morning getting to work. The sun rising later messes me up for getting big things done in the morning – it is easier just to walk and make sure I get the miles in. I need a clone!

      7. Woah that seems expensive! My friend does it here and it’s $10 per shop and you can shop the sales too:)
        I might end up doing some long runs myself on weekends. Short days makes it tough to get anything in!

      8. Oh, I wasn’t clear – it is $99.00 a year and I don’t think that is bad because that is unlimited trips to your house. I believe the minimum for them to make a trip is $30.00, and the lower price was to try it out, so for the initial year. I think for elderly people or people who don’t have a car, it is a Godsend. We had a neighbor years ago, and they had just the one car, and so she walked to the grocery store every day and got what she needed for the day. She went rain or shine. When she had a load of heavy stuff, like laundry detergent, stuff like that, she just took the car at night or on the weekend to the grocery store.

  7. I love that they call you Miss B.♥️ Have you had pumpkin curry soup? I tried making some late last week and it was yummy! It called for a 1/4 cup of cream, but I think it would be great without it too. I am going to can some without the cream, so I can have it for lunch.

    1. Oh that sounds really good! I think I’ve had carrot curry but maybe it was pumpkin. Let’s just say I’ve made an orange curry soup🤣. Canning it sounds like a good idea!

  8. Aw love your bucket list! It is truly the quintessential list! Also- that kid that said that to you about the class being full made me laugh. #kidssaythedarndestthings. Also, that lavender martini does look unique, but delicious! That’s what I would have to try if it was on the menu. It’s pretty too!

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