It’s been another nice day. Maybe it should tell me something that my long weekends are always so lovely😜


I had to set my alarm this morning so I could get my run in. With not knowing what time exactly my breakfast was going to be at, I decided to do some speed work around the field close to my house. This was a spur of the moment decision, but probably a good one since I’ve been avoiding speed work lately. I did a few laps to warm up and then alternated doing a lap, running one side of the field fast (well as fast as my legs go😂). I ended up running all the sides twice at a faster pace. I didn’t mind the workout and it was nice to do something different. It got my mission done quickly too:)

This afternoon, I kept up on my monthly challenge by doing 140 squats ( I’ve been doing half plié and half regular) and a plank for 1:50. If nothing else, it warmed me up!


Thankfully the text to breakfast came at 8:30 as I was starting to get really hungry. We met at our regular restaurant and I had my regular order:)

Which I enjoyed as much as ever:). It was kind of a sad breakfast though as we were saying goodbye to some friends who are moving. It’s a great new adventure for them, but I will miss seeing them everywhere Sunday. The couple moving are the ones who taught me how to run so I have a lot to thank them for!


I did a little extra on my rug today as I simply did it while I watched a Hallmark movie. It might be a little sad that I am watching Christmas movies in May though🤣

I had to restart the sweater I started last night as I noticed a hole this morning. I have got back to where I am and will continue now that I’ve had a nap:)


A friend at work gave me a bag of fresh rhubarb so let the rhubarb baking begin! Today I’m trying this recipe from Mrs. Portly’s Kitchen. It is new to me, but the combination of chocolate brownies with raspberries and rhubarb sounded perfect for my work colleagues. The recipe was easy to follow and the only substitutions I made was to use Earth Balance Vegan Butter Spread for the butter, and 1/4 cocoa powder with 1/4cup chocolate chips for the dark chocolate as I didn’t have any. The grocery store is right across the street, but of course I didn’t go🤣. I also used the microwave to melt my chocolate and butter which sped up the process nicely. The combo of raspberries, chocolate and rhubarb looked really good when I was putting it in the oven. One thing to know though is that this recipe uses a relatively small amount of rhubarb:(. I’m going to need to find more recipes!

It’s a very light in texture brownie, not dense at all. The raspberry flavor is, of course, stronger than the rhubarb, but the overall taste is very yummy!

Brenda is quite the baker and she agrees that this brownie recipe is really yummy!


It was Knit night tonight which was a lovely way to end the weekend. I’ve almost finished the yoke of my new sweater, just have two rows left, which truthfully I am tempted to stay up and finish.

We watched the Royal Wedding that my friend had PVR’d. I’m glad I saw it, but also glad that I didn’t wake up early to watch five hours of it. I wish the television crew would figure out that I don’t want to listen to them talk, I just want to see the outfits and hats! I thought that Megan’s dress was very simple and beautiful and those little kids walking down the aisle were adorable!!!

We also watched the first part of the Masterpiece Theatre rendition of Little Women. It’s very cool since I was in Louisa May Alcott’s house last summer!! Can’t wait to see the next part in two weeks when we are back at Brenda’s for knit night!

Well I should go to bed as 6am is going to come early tomorrow:(

Have fun!


51 thoughts on “A Lovely Ending

  1. It’s always hard to say goodbye to friends. 😦 But, at least you got a good breakfast out of the deal! And there is NOTHING wrong with watching a Christmas movie when it’s almost June. There’s NEVER a bad time for a Hallmark Christmas movie! I ran out… And I watched all of the new Valentine’s day ones they did as well… Now I have to WAIT until June when they’ll start their new wedding ones! Something to look forward too!! (it’s a sad life I live. 😉)

    1. Nope I’ve been doing the same thing!!! I watched Love on Air yesterday. For some reason that’s one of my favorites!

      1. Sorry, it WASN’T the Valentine’s ones that I watched. I’ll have to check if I saw those this year… I must have… But, it was the new “Spring Fever” ones that I watched. They were honestly pretty bad. I feel like they’re really just not trying anymore with the acting. One was good though. That was “Home by Spring”. It was pretty cute. The typical “girl goes back to her hometown and pretends to be her successful boss” sort of movie. I enjoyed it.

      2. Ok thanks I’ll check that one out:)
        I know! I feel like they used to be better than they are now!

      3. They DEFINITELY used to be better! They actually did TWO “girl meets guy who is a Prince” movies for spring.. How many of those do we need?? And at one time?

      4. Ugh those are my least favorite!!! It must be the influence of the royal wedding. Why can’t they be creative???!!!

      5. THAT would make sense. I didn’t even think of the royal wedding. They are my least favourite movies as well. The ones this season were even worse than usual, as well. There was one called “Royal Matchmaker” where the girl and the prince are barely in the same room with each other the whole movie and somehow they end up together! You spoke to him about TWO TIMES! How did you somehow end up in love??

  2. I’m not a fan of rhubarb but I bet raspberries in brownies are delicious! Hashbrowns are so good and I haven’t had them in so long…you’re making me want them now!

    1. You don’t actually taste the rhubarb- just the raspberries and they are really good with the chocolate.
      I was happy to get a hash brown fix yesterday too!

      1. Oh I don’t like rhubarb pie either so I think you should try it in a different way. In a crumble bar it’s good and in these brownies it’s good:)

  3. Yes, I think we return mid August so the teachers and the students have off June and July and probably the hiring will start…school will start for teachers to return the first week of August.

    1. That makes sense- a month earlier on each end. I really would like to move to year round schooling. The two months off isn’t necessary anymore- just let’s kids forget everything they learned

      1. Some schools in rural areas are talking about using a 4 day week as a recruitment tool because the number of certified teachers is shrinking. We have a few schools which go year round here.

    1. Stewed rhubarb can be quite tart like a cranberry but in baking I think it just takes on the taste of whatever it is with

  4. Those brownies sound interesting and delicious. We watched several hours of the royal wedding. I’m glad we didn’t get up at 4 am to see the beginning.

    1. The brownies were excellent!!
      It was neat to see the wedding as I didn’t see anything of the previous ones, but couldn’t handle watching all of it.

  5. Your brownies look mouth-watering!! I’ve never baked with rhubarb before, but… it seems like a good choice!

    I noticed you mentioned getting to watch the new Little Women adaptation. I just finished watching it myself… it was enjoyable to see a new version released!

    So… I would like to invite you to my L. M. Alcott reading challenge this June. We’re talking about all things Alcott and everyone gets to choose a book(s) to read for the challenge — whatever you want it to be, concerning Miss Alcott (+ there’s a giveaway!) Details are on my blog…


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