I guess every good time has to come to an end at some point:(


We all agreed to get up and go for a run this morning. It was hot, but the beautiful scenery and the company made up for that. I highly recommend the KVR trail as it is 10km long so can do any run up to 20km with beautiful scenery and a soft surface:)

I also got out for a walk this evening to stretch out my legs after sitting so much. It felt really good and I was faster than normal:)


This was even better than normal Sunday morning as I got an entire breakfast made for me! R got busy and we had scrambled eggs, bacon and I had fruit while everyone else had fruit topped pancakes. It was all so yummy! I’m obviously going to need to take some lessons from R for cooking!


We packed up after breakfast and headed out. We had a quick stop at Brenda’s brother’s place to pick some stuff up and then got gas and were heading home. We didn’t make any stops, but traffic wasn’t as awesome as it was going up on Friday so it still took us the whole four hours to get home.


I am fully unpacked!:) K must be rubbing off on me as she is a super neat and organized person who deals with things immediately:). I wonder how long this influence will last?🤣


I had great plans to finish my sweater on the way home, or at least one sleeve, but unfortunately I had left my DPNs at home. Since coming home I have started the second sleeve using the other end of the yarn and have gotten caught up to the first sleeve. I’ll now switch back and forth for the seven row pattern repeat so I can ensure both sleeves are the same! I have high hopes that I may just have this done tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. Now I just need it to cool off so I can wear it!!!

Well I’m off to bed as I want to get up early for a run before it gets hot!

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. beautiful location. glad you had a great visit with your friends. can’t wait to see your new sweater, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it to be cool enough for sweater weather just yet.

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