Well I survived!


We got some printing of the letter s done this morning and completed some more pattern work, but the big event today was the Christmas Concert. The children did very well, though the finale song started before the kindergarten kids were even on the stage!🙄 This was definitely the quickest concert I’ve ever seen as it was only about a half hour long!

The bake sale afterwards was of even more importance to the children!🤣


After school we had a bootcamp workout. We did:

Lateral lunges with upright rows

Plank punches

Overhead tricep extension




Bicep curls

Pop jacks

Up downs

Front raises

Banded froggers

And then in between each two we did cardio where you did 2 burpees and then 10 front kicks and 10 knee raises and then worked out way down. We also did jump squats for the song Thunderstruck and every time the word thunder was said, we had to do a push-up.

I wish I’d been able to push myself more as it would have been an amazing workout, but I guess for now I should be happy I did anything.


I sat after school and did some knitting on my current market bag while listening to a podcast. It was a quite lovely interlude:)


There were just three of us tonight. I never know if it’s good there’s less people to disagree or bad we don’t have more breadth of knowledge.

First round:

I knew the points in a basketball game.

How do you spell tzatziki?

I got that:)

Round 1 was really tough!

Round 2 had indie bands so we definitely didn’t do well!

Round three:

Who won on Sunday?

Pittsburgh Steelers

Who is the Duke of Edinburgh?


Which letter has the most tiles in Scrabble?


Which Shakespeare play has a loan of 3000 ducats?

Merchant of Venice

Who was Marie Antoinette married to?

Louis 16

Round 4:

What is hummus made of?


Who wrote The Nutcracker?


How many biological children did Al and Peggy Bundy have on Married with Children?


Put the Tom Hanks movies in order.

You’ve got mail, the green mile, castaway

Which king does not have a mustache?

King of Hearts

Well I’m off home to bed.

Have fun!


8 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday #34

  1. I loved when we had bake sales in grade school. You could get whatever you wanted without your parents telling you what to do haha. The hummus question is too easy! Do people not realize it’s made from chickpeas haha

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