Not too bad a day:)


I got out of the staff meeting a little early and so got to get home in time for a run:). I was a little slow starting, but just made a 6:58 average when my phone died. I stopped running 😂. I find it so hard to keep running when my phone isn’t recording- does a run count if it’s not recorded??😂

I also got a quick workout in this evening. It was Russian twists, lunges, jump squats, squats, hand release push ups, and sit ups. I had to push it as I ate way too many treats at staff meeting:(

I’m sitting here tonight trying to decide what to do about my exercise tomorrow. I have a massage at 3:30 and usually I try to enjoy my food feeling body for 24 hours with no exercise, but Tuesday night is my run clinic night. Do you see my conundrum? Do I run in the morning and then not run tomorrow night or do I take the day off of exercise or do I have my massage and then run anyways?


I got to the end of the day and realized we had done absolutely no actual work today!!! Oh my! What kind of teacher am I? We had gymnastics first thing, then a fire drill, recess, music class, calendar, lunch, Planners, Silent Reading, and buddies. I suppose I could have had them do a journal after buddies, but getting a six year old to sit down and write at 2pm, yeah right!  We’ll have to make up for this with double the work tomorrow!!!

We had staff meeting after school today which is my least favourite day of the month! I always overeat on the treats because I’m stuck there with nothing to do with my hands other than put food into my mouth:(. The one good thing is that my principal agreed to shorten the eating time and extend the play time during lunch! Those kids need to run more and they’re running amok with too much time in the classroom once they’re finished eating.


I had David’s Tea Organic Super Ginger Tea today. I have to admit I didn’t like this tea at all:(. It was too gingery for me. I should have kept it for when I had a gluten or dairy attack as maybe it would settle the stomach, but it was just too strong a ginger taste for me.


Well, I have spent way too much time trying to add a contact me page to my blog. I have watched videos and read how-to’s, but it just keeps saying I need to upgrade to a business account to have a contact me page. If anyone can solve this problem – please tell me!


I am probably having so much trouble with this because I am trying to cut down on how much I am eating to get rid of this little extra weight from the holiday. Unfortunately, I get hangry easily so it’s going to be a tough couple of days for me:(


I forgot to tell you all about the cutest bag I saw yesterday. My sister in law says it came in her fab fit fun box. I think I would do anything for that bag:) I have been thinking about getting myself a subscription box. I looked online and there are a ton of them! If anyone has one they like and would recommend, please let me know:)


I’m enjoying Baby It’s Cold Outside by Kait Nolan and I’ll tell you all about it when I finish:)

I took Maureen’s advice and read on my lunch hour. My feet were frozen from recess supervision so I put them up on my portable heater and really felt calmed:). I need to do this more often!

My sister in law knows how much I like to cook so she sent me a cookbook suggestion- says it has lots of gluten free and dairy free recipes. I’ll have to see if I can get it from the library first as I like to try a cookbook out before I buy it. It looks good though:) Knitting:

I’m working away on my sweater, hoping to get it done by the end of the month! It’s not much to look at yet, but I’m liking it so far:)

I also got two more yarns entered into my Ravelry stash. I’m continuing to move forward on this even though I know I’ll never get them all in there. I like how when I click a favourite, Ravelry will tell me if I have any yarn that would work for that pattern! That’s enough incentive to keep my plugging away at my stash.

I was knitting on a scarf out of my leftovers at school today during the second half of lunch. Two of the teachers commented on it and said they’d be interested in knitting. Now I just have to figure out how to sell them on the idea of knit night!!!


I watched The Perfect Christmas Present tonight which was okay, but the leading lady was annoying to me;(

Well, not a really exciting day, but it’s a Monday survived:)

Have fun!


64 thoughts on “Easing Into It

  1. I understand the ‘if it’s not recording.. Does it matter?’ I’ve had my phone die during a workout and you think.. Should I continue? I’ve had that when my music dies too and you think ‘well, now I lost my motivation’ lol! And I understand hangry! I’m eating WAY too much lately!
    And ‘super tea’ kind of scares me. Lol!.

    1. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one!
      I just need three days in a row where I have no special food events and can shrink my stomach back down!!! I’m hoping for Friday, Saturday, Sunday this week!

      1. Ha ha!! I’ve been thinking the same thing! But, I just tried out a new tapas night tonight and Thursday is Robbie Burns night, which I always salute and this year I’m doing a whole meal!… So, I have no hope for most of this week. Lol!

  2. Ya. That doesn’t sound hopeful! Well, you should get a hula hoop. Lol! I know it sounds weird, but when I get spare time (I know, what’s that??) but, when we can actually watch our, sometimes annoying, hallmark movie (I don’t think I said, I told you I was starting that Christmas presents movie last time we chatted.. I found her annoying too. Not a terrible movie, but she was not a favourite) but as you watch one on you hula hoop! You’ll be surprised how much you notice it after. 😊

    1. Ooo that’s a good idea! I often walk on the spot but hula hopping sounds more fun! Tonight I was actually knitting as I watched.

      1. The great thing is that you can knit AND hula hoop!! Just get your yarn set up on a table or something near by so it won’t hit you and you’re working out, knitting AND watching a great movie! DONE! (believe me… I’ve done it. Not kidding.)

  3. Haha!! Funny about the staff meeting, I’m the same way, having to be moving in some way lol. Not to worry about the treats, looks like that workout dissolved whatever they were : )

    What a kwinky dink, I got a cookbook from the library a week ago, though yours looks much better in three enticing ways (maximal flavor, minimal effort, not breaking the bank..woo!). I rented a “Hell’s Kitchen” recipe cookbook, but have only paged through it thus far. I did however watch a classic movie, “Anatomy of a Murder, (1959) starring James Stewart, and he was so good in it; it was a really good courtroom drama. Those classics are so much better than movies nowadays for the most part, though “Manchester By the Sea,” (even though it was incredibly sad,) was so good, and amazing acting, and all together a really powerful, original movie.

    P.S, You want a really annoying actor in a Christmas movie, try watching Ben Affleck in “Saving Christmas”. Just kidding, definitely spare yourself, one of two movies I walked out of, (and only after about 30 minutes, it was so bad his acting especially (though he’s improved a lot).

    1. Ugh I’m not a Ben fan anyways so I’ll avoid that movie, thanks.
      I love old movies- they were amazing for what they conveyed without being as explicit as they are today. I also like them because the actors became their role- it wasn’t Cary Grant playing …., but that person. The only actor that I think is like that for me today is Meryl Streep. I watched Julie and Julia and forgot that Julia child was dead.

      1. Haha! Yeah, he’s definitely not on my top 10 (or 200 list) for actors, at the time I only saw it because James Gandolfini was in it. That’s a great way of describing the actors of yesteryear compared to today! That’s what was so good about “Mancester by the Sea.” I was getting uncomfortable during a lot of scenes because the younger Affleck became the role (he won the Oscar for best actor, and the movie and screenplay won the Oscar too). It was tough to watch, but so good. I’m going to rent Julie and Julia, I know Meryl Streep is an amazing actress and love cooking, and watch reruns of the Julia cook show sometimes, so much personality and heart, so it’s overdue!

  4. I have had the “phone-dying” episode only once. It was a short ride and I thought I might be able to pull it off before the battery died, but I was wrong. One solace was that the ride was short.

    Reg the contact form, first you might want to delete the two “contact pages” that already exist in your blog. I can see the links on the top right next to “about.”

    Now try this. Go to “My Site” on the top left of the computer screen. On the left side bar, look for “Site Pages” and click on the “Add” button right next to it. A new page draft should open up. Insert a title like “Contact” or “Contact Form” or whatever you want and click on the “(+) Add” button just below the title section. You will see five options in the drop-down list of which the fourth is “Contact Form”. Click on it and in the pop-up box that opens up, select all the fields that you need in the form or maybe add more. Once done, just click on “insert” and your contact form is ready.

    Hope this helps and the instructions are not too confusing.

      1. Clap clap! And that makes me happy. 🙂

        I just checked out the “contact” page. It’s showing up perfectly, but right now the link is not visible. I guess you might have to add the “contact-me” page link manually so that it shows up along with the other two links, “Favourites” and “About.”

  5. I say run, get a massage, and eat.
    I wouldn’t worry too much about snacking on one day, that’s why there are cheat days in a diet, right?
    I like old movies better than today’s as well! And Ben is definitely not one of my favorite. I rolled my eyes when I heard he was going to be the new Batman (reading comments is awesome). I also like the idea of hula hooping while watching tv. I can’t hula hoop to save my life and to add knitting at the same time? I’d probably kill myself with a needle! If you are that coordinated, I would go for it.
    My phone almost died the other day at the gym. I was so nervous the whole time so I kept looking at it. It got down to 3% when I finished. Whew! I can’t imagine keeping going if I don’t have music!

    1. This morning’s run was definitely tough without music. I much prefer going in daylight when I can have music!
      LOL you had me confused for a second before you said you had read the comments, like did I write about Ben yesterday without realizing it??? LOL

  6. That bag is cute, I’m glad you found a cookbook, that yarn looks difficult to work with, I’m sure you’ll turn it into something amazing!

    1. Hopefully it won’t be too bad to work with. Now that it is in Ravelry stash, hopefully Ravelry will tell me what I can do with it as I have no idea!

    1. I have to go every other week or I turn into a rusty robot! I keep wanting to try one that isn’t a therapeutic one, just a relaxation one.

      1. It might take a few sessions to find a masseuse you like so be prepared and speak up about what you like or don’t like:)

  7. It was a long trip to get down here! Anyway, yeah about the business account. I see on your About page at the bottom it says Contact me at and is blank! Put an email address there. Get another free crappy one if you don’t want to use a good one. Easy as that. Or put any info you want. Bye!

  8. Hope you enjoy your massage! That gym bag is super cute! I get the fabfitfun boxes and got the “gym & juice” bag. I really like that subscription box, you get so much stuff with it!

  9. I use the Map My Run app because it can keep track of many different forms of exercise. I have sometimes forgotten to start it on a walk. But I have an option to manually plug it in. If you have this option on your app, then you can do that. And yes, the run will count no matter what because you did exercise. I say just skip the Tuesday run. You’re treating yourself to a massage; enjoy it and its afterglow.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look at map my run:). I ended up running in the morning so I could enjoy my massage effects:)

  10. Knit night sounds awesome, I hope you manage to set something up 🙂 And I’m totally with you for the runs that don’t count if they are not recorded!

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