A good day but with a disappointment that was all my own fault.


Today we managed to get things done which felt really good. We did a lesson on counting on. It’s funny how six years are already in habits. We were talking about putting the big number in your head and counting on the smaller number, but I have one little guy who always draws lines for the two numbers and then counts the lines. He was bound and determined to continue this practice, even though its slow!! I laugh how early humans get into ruts. We also did a lesson on hibernation along with a song. I realized I only know the chorus of Alouette🤣

The one thing I did with my class today at the end of the day is that we verbally reviewed all we had learned that day! I think I’ll try to keep it up:)

The only other thing I managed to do today was to spill my water bottle all over my desk. I was glad my phone was still in a ziploc from my run yesterday (even though the staff at work had been bugging me about it), but I can only hope that my work laptop is okay. I guess I’ll find out in the morning:(


After work I did bootcamp. Lyndsay made them 20/10 tabatas again today so that I wouldn’t be late leaving and would get through the entire workout. We did:

Burpees, kneeling rollouts, pull-ups, seated knee tucks, donkey kicks and fire hydrants with an 8lb weight, overhead triceps extensions, lunges on the gliders, frog jumps, pliecalf raises, swimmers, push-ups to plank jacks, one legged lunges, jump squats, and squat walks. At the end Lyndsay said she purposely did supersets. There were times that my legs were screaming- like at the plié calf raises and frog jumps! It’s a good thing though as I’d love to have sleeker inner thighs.

This was my only exercise other than a walk to and from a restaurant of about six blocks each way.

Socializing/ Eating:

I had arranged to have a Dine Out Dinner with two friends tonight. Vancouver has a Dine Out each year where restaurants have set three course meals for either $20,$30 or $40. I had gone through and perused all the menus and given some choices based on dessert selection. If I’m going out for dinner, I want to be able to eat dessert! My friends chose Cibo Trattoria. I carpooled downtown with one friend and we parked at the other friend’s place and then walked from there. It turned out that the menu they advertised was not the same as the one they had. I was expecting to eat cauliflower soup, salmon and a chocolate hazelnut torte. What I got instead was salad, salmon and fruit.Tome this was totally not worth $51.45!!!! It may have been my fault, maybe I misread their codes and thought v stood for vegan, not vegetarian, but one of my friends also remembered things being different or at least labelled differently on the advertised menu:( Oh well, it was still a nice night out midweek, and I suppose it was quite a healthy meal.


Last night I finished reading Baby It’s Cold Outside by Kait Nolan. It tells the story of Ivy who is an author of thriller books who has a horrible case of writer’s block. She runs away from her agent and editor to the Misfit Inn (Nolan’s other series). Unfortunately on the way to the Inn she is caught in a freak snowstorm and goes over the side of an embankment. Enter Harrison, a former military man, who is having trouble adjusting to civilian life and letting go of his guilt. He rescues Ivy and things go from there.

I liked how Ivy takes charge of the relationship at several points and doesn’t just wait for Harrison to make the moves. I also liked how the story included some of Kait Nolan’s other characters. The characters seemed deep and realistic.

The pace did seem very quick as by my calculations they were getting close on their third day of knowing each other. As well, I loved how the characters came together, but I wanted more at the end. The story seemed to just stop:(

Anyone who likes a military romance or a strong female lead will enjoy this story!

Today, on my reading lunch hour, (thanks Maureen) I started my next book club book. It’s called Ready Player One and it already has me hooked after 25 minutes of reading:). I’ll tell you all about it when I’m done!


I’m working away on my sweater still. I really wanted to be home working on it tonight as I’m getting close to being done the body:). Soon!


I didn’t like my tea today at all so I have blocked the name of it from my mind and it’s just too cold to get out of bed to go look! If it matters to you, ask me in the comments and I’ll look in the morning:)

Well my eyes keep wanting to close so I think I will let them!

Have fun!


35 thoughts on “Disappointed

  1. I am totally disgusted that you couldn’t have the meal you wanted. Whoever misled you should have to eat only bread and water for a week! I’m keenly disappointed for you. I was drooling at the thought of chocolate cake. Now I have to mop up my mess!

  2. I have to admit, from waiting on work that I have done, the lack of vegan / allergy friendly options is a common complaint. I am sorry you didn’t get the meal you hoped for. Xx

    1. Thanks. I’m pretty used to it, just kicking myself for not just ordering one thing off their regular menu as it seemed a waste of money!

      1. Yes it’s definitely not my usual choice for a book, but I’ve had good luck with the sci-fi that I have read:)

  3. Ready Player One was a really good book! I hope you like it as much as I did. We have that restaurant thing here too. We call it restaurant week and I can’t believe they changed the menu like that! I always look up menus before going places and I will pull it up and ask why I cannot have what they advertised. I usually get what I wanted to although I’m sure those people hate me for it. 😂
    Great job on the workout!!!

    1. Thank you. I’m getting pretty used to more boring meals out with my allergies. I’m thinking the menu before probably had v for vegan and I got confused and thought it was for this one too:(

  4. that meal was not worth $50 and if you promise chocolate torte and give me fruit I’d be very vocal! I looked for the book you just finished reading on Amazon and was shocked to see how many books have the same title. I just finished reading a book and need to find a new one. I have Ready Player One sitting in my Amazon cart, but I’m not sure it’s there for me, more for my kids and husband. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it

    1. The Baby It’s Cold Outside will be available tomorrow I believe:) I had an ARC from the author. I’ll be sure to mention my thoughts- like anyone could stop me🤣
      Yup I was disappointed, but with allergies, it’s pretty common that I don’t get the fun stuff:(

    1. I was disappointed but it was probably my own fault:(
      It’s not much to look at right now, but mainly it hasn’t been photographed because it’s black and gray and the days are so gray here right now that I can’t get a good photo😫

  5. Yikes! I hope I am not disappointed with our Devour Indy experience. We are going to a German restaurant on Sunday. Then next Wednesday we need to decide on a restaurant. Hope today is better.

    1. Oh I hope so too! I usually try to do more than one restaurant, but no plans have worked out yet. I’ll keep my fingers crossed your dinner is amazing! This was actually the first that wasn’t good

  6. I read Ready Player One with my book club last year and enjoyed it, I think the movie is coming out soon. Sorry to hear about your dinner, I hate when the menu is different than it’s listed online.

    1. It’s our first book of the year as we always wait for a book to go softcover before we read it. So far it’s been great!
      Yes I was pretty disappointed:(

    1. Yes we noticed this year that a lot of chain restaurants were getting in on it. To me it’s the chance to try something that you wouldn’t normally do

  7. Shame on that restaurant for the false advertising, though the ambiance and meal does look amazign and really clean I could see the disappointment at the price for the reasons you mentioned. I’m with Anne M. (They should have to eat bread and water for a week as punishment).

    That’s great you put such a positive spin on it though, I may have let the bitterness linger for a good day or two.

    Crap! Your intense tabata workout reminds that I forgot to try the squat and MB press/throw at the athletic center last night (though I did fit in some Tai Chi and felt ten pounds lighter after). I’ve got a MB at home though so I can do it in two days when another push days arrives : )

    1. I’m still a little bitter😂
      I would really like it if they had to eat the food they gave me and pay me $51.45!!!😜
      Haha that squat combo will still be waiting for you:)

  8. Sorry about the misleading dinner. I would say something on its Yelp page. That’s a lot of bucks spent on just that. That fruit dessert sucked; what a rip off.

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